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Video Game Design

Types of Courses You Will Be Studying in a Video Game Design School

The demand for video game designers has grown dramatically through the years. This has caused the burgeoning influx of aspiring video game developers and designers into video game design schools armed with the faith that they too can cut in as soon as they have acquired the necessary skills for the job.

By arming yourself with the right skills and attitude, being a video game designer will not remain a dream forever. You can be part of the team that will recreate Sims, WarCraft, Counter Strike and many others. Keep the desire to be part of the teams to beat and the best companies that have shaped and moved the gaming industry for so many years. It may sound overly dramatic but if you want to make it, you have to believe that you can do it. You have to be able to say, "I love this game" and mean it. The passion for gaming spawns cutting-edge designs and concocts creative juices that only a fool can take for granted.

Now that you are fired up, I am positive that you want to get down to business, go to the drafting table and try your hand at a few sketches here and there. But stop right there and remember-you have to have "IT". IT could be a lot of things and if you want to know every one of them, you have to cover every nook and cranny to acquire the right skills. The best way to do that? You go to school.

Knowledge is power and if you have the power to know the ins and outs of the biz, then you're ready for it. Know-how in graphic design, computer animation, software development and whatnots is necessary here. Very specific trainings and educational sessions on these things and other elements in video game designing are needed to get that certificate that will tell the world that you have got what it takes to take your place amongst the very best.

They say that education paves the way for a surer and more stable income-generating field in the future. So if you are considering a career in the video game industry, you must go through all the necessary steps to get to the top. While there are exceptionally talented people who have made it to the top by sheer talent and good luck, it is not commonplace.

It is logical that so many schools and universities have now offered courses that help the video game designer wannabes make it. Nowadays, we can never be too trusting and we can never just take anything for what they seem.

Check the following courses out and know which ones you need. Course titles and names vary depending on the schools but I'm sure you'll get the drift.

Game and Simulation Programming

Game Art & Design

Game Software Development

Computer Animation

Special Effects Animation

Game Design

Programming & Game Development

C++ Programming for Game Developers

Video Game Console Design


Graphics Programming with DirectX 9

Lightmapping & Radiosity

3D Engine Architecture

Game Mathematics

Artificial Intelligence for Game Developers

Physics for Game Developers

Digital Entertainment and Game Design

Creative Writing and Storyboarding for Games

Game Interface Design

Graphics Programming with OpenGL

Terrain Rendering

Special Effects Programming

Below are a few schools that offer these relevant video game design courses.

DeVry University-whether you want to take a course online or off, DeVry University has something for you.

As you earn your gaming degree, you'll master coding languages such as C++ and C#, artificial intelligence, industry-standard software packages, game engine development, multiplayer game programming, visual design fundamentals, and much more, preparing you to program, develop and design video games and complex simulations, from crime scene reconstruction to corporate training software.

You could earn your bachelor's degree in Game & Simulation Programming from DeVry - in just 3 years! If you want to get your hands on skills fit for back-end programming, DeVry is perfect for you.

The Art Institute Online-this school offers courses that have been tailored to let the aspiring video game designer have loads of fun while making baby steps towards imaging and animation. With courses like Motion Capture, 3D Animation, Low-Polygon Modeling, Game Level Design and Character Development, among others, you are definitely on your way to completing a portfolio that will not just wow your would-be employers but your future market as well.

The Game Art & Design program concentrates on the artistic side of games - not computer programming. This unique program is your first step toward becoming an artist and designer in the multi-billion dollar game design industry.

Westwood College of Technology Online-a degree in Game Art and Design is THE course and you can find it in Westwood College of Technology Online. With its emphasis on artistry, design and computer troubleshooting, you are assured of a well-rounded education that will make your arsenal ready for any battle in the gaming industry once you finish your course.

Digipen Institute of Technology-as its name implies, the would-be designer hones his skills in using the digipen and more in Digipen Institute of Technology. This Seattle-based school takes the traditional route and offers computer-related courses, engineering and other programs related to the gaming industry.

The ITT Technical Institutes- ITT offers a degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. Look over this program's curriculum and you will know that a strong base for your video game design career is being set up here in ITT. With over 85 branches across the US, there's always a school for you wherever you are.

Digital Media Arts College-SEGA, Disney and many others are just a few big names that this school can drop with certainty. Why? The instructors of this institution are working in such big companies. With all the technology necessary for an outstanding training, undoubtedly, Digital Media Arts College is one of the best for you. You now know what to look for and where to look for them. The ball is now in your court. What's it going to be? And where do you intend to make your first step? It's a long road getting there but with the right decision, you will definitely be kept on the right track.

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