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Featured Artist: Sam Yang 3D Artist working for Blizzard

Can you describe a typical day for you at Blizzard?

Again, waking up knowing you're doing something that you love at work is the greatest feeling. At Blizzard we have Taco Tuesdays and Bagel Thursdays, which is awesome! Sometimes I forget we get to walk by epic life-sized statues of iconic characters in our games every day. We also have team events organized for us to meet each other around the campus. We have Personal Art Galleries shown on display by Artists as well! The work environment at Blizzard is great! I've met some of the most nicest and talented people hired around the world. Working at Blizzard is fun and enjoyable experience, people here are friendly, we laugh and crack jokes all the time yet maintaining professionalism and getting stuff done. It's definitely the place to work.

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Character Modeler

Featured Artist: Character Modeler Sven Juhlin

I see from your website that you are currently doing some work for Marvel, are you allowed to talk to us about this project?

Well I’m not allowed to tell you much, but the work I’m doing has to do with the Avengers movie that is being developed now. Marvel is a great company and the characters of the Marvel universe has always been a real inspiration for me.

How did Marvel find you or did you approach Marvel for this project?

I did a version of Captain America that turned out pretty good. They saw it and contacted me and asked if a wanted to help out with some stuff. Posting stuff on different sites will eventually make someone like what you are doing and it will hopefully lead to some work :) Read Full Interview >

3D Animator
Featured Artist: 3D Animator Liem Nguyen

AA: When you made the decision to be an animator what was the first step you took to make your dream a reality?

LN: If you think of reaching your dream as a journey, it's a good idea to be fully equipped and prepared before venturing out. The first step for me was simply research. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the animation world. This included borrowing animation history books from the library, renting animation classics from a video store, subscribing to animation magazines, checking out animation studios online and talking to some animators at the National Film Board headquarters in my city.

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3d Artist
Sample Article The Mantis Parable creator

(Josh Staub)

I honestly believe that as long as you have a phenomenal portfolio, game companies don't care what art school you went to (or if you went to art school at all). Being a great artist and putting together that great portfolio - that's the tough part.

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Sample Article Pixar Animator

Victor Navone

There is a lot of competition out there right now, so it's not going to be easy. A great demo reel will speak for itself, whether you have schooling or not, but it's still important to network and to be willing to work your way up from a lesser job. I got very lucky - I don't think that I could get a job at Pixar today with the demo reel I had in 2000...

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Sample Article Maya Animation Artist

Philip Child

I pretty much exclusively use Maya. I used to use Lightwave. I like Maya because it allows you to get right at the bones of the program and make it work for you...

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Bobby Boom Beck 3D Studio Max Artist

Mike Kane

Sure, "Avatar: Origins" is what I hope to be an ongoing series of adventures for the character, "The Avatar of Hope". It is a 13-minute film telling the Origin of the Avatar and his first encounter with the powers of chaos. It features an original score by the very talented Derek Devore. Andy Lee Robinson provided sound effects and mixdown...

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Video Game Artist
Sample Article Video Game Animator

Patrick Beaulieu

Starting in the 3D field was a header for me I didn't know a thing about computers, all I knew to do was drawing, so I decided to take a one year 3D course in Quebec City. What really helped me to decide to go into animation is when I started to work in a small video company, after I finished school; I met a 2D animator with a lot of talent by the name of...

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Sample Article X-Men Legends 2 Art Director

Dan Hay

Raven is a first class place to work. It's really cool to work at a studio that prides itself on the ART side of making games. As for projects, I started on X-men Legends, jumped right onto XML 2, helped a tiny bit on Quake, and am currently hammering on something new...

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2d Artist
Sample Article Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury director/animator

(Peter Chung)

The animation program at CalArts is very well plugged into the L.A. animation industry. The school was founded by Walt Disney and at the time I attended, most of the animation faculty were veteran Disney artists. There are two distint programs of study-Character Animation and Experimental Animation with distinctly different approaches...

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Sample Article Concept Artist

Aaron St. Goddard

I try to create a level of realism in my designs which will make people think that it really can exist and function in the real world. This is definitely the most challenging part of coming up with a design, since people are so accustomed to knowing what looks right or what looks wrong. Even if the design is outrageously strange, I'll try hard to make it based in some sort of working reality.

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Sample Article Brokensaints.com Character Designer

Andrew West

I think I enjoyed drawing Raimi the computer hacker most. I had a lot of freedom with what I had him wear and look like a lot. It was very enjoyable dressing up. But I guess I liked them all the same. It's like parents like all their kids the same I think, it's too hard to choose one over another!

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Flash Artist
Sample Article Featured Artist: Annika Bergström


I started working with Flash seriously in August 2003, when I began to study multimedia and web production. I had been curious about Flash for years though so when I finally got my hands on it and had time to learn it I couldn't stop myself. It's such a fantastic program!...

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Modeling Artist
Sample Article Featured Artist: Peter Konig


I've worked on a number of different films in a variety of roles. I've designed, sculpted and fabricated and art directed on films such as: Bill and Ted's Bogus journey, Radio Flyer, Of Mice and Men, Honey, I Blew up the Kid, Jurassic Park, Coneheads, Starship Troopers, Dragonheart, Evolution, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Starship Troopers II to name a few. I've also animated and animation supervised on several films including: Tremors II, Starship Troopers I and II, The Haunting, Cat's and Dogs, Blade II, The Stepford Wives, and currently Mask II.

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Sample Article 3D Modeling The Hulk

Even though you probably haven't spent much time wondering about companies they make action figures, the answer might surprise you. In a world of high tech modeling and CAD programs, such figures are among the last holdouts of a most ancient art: realistic sculpture.

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