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Digital Media Arts College Computer Animation programs

Computer Animation BFA
The Computer Animation undergraduate program at Digital Media Arts College establishes the core foundations of digital, visual storytelling in a three year program designed to fully immerse students in classical art fundamentals and contemporary computer generated techniques.

Students in the Computer Animation undergraduate program wear many hats as they discover the digital production work-flow. They learn to write screenplays; storyboard shots and scenes; model, texture, and animate characters and environments; utilize cinematic lighting to create mood and depth; and then render and composite it all together using modern equipment in digital labs.

At the end of the program students are immersed in a focused thesis of 3D modeling, animation, lighting/texturing, technical direction, or concept art/design, preparing them as animation professionals who will need to meet production deadlines.

Along the way, the Computer Animation faculty at DMAC guide students with professional instruction as they find their inner, visual storyteller. Students leave the program with a historical context of the computer animation industry, an awareness of current trends and new developments, a thorough knowledge of the technology utilized in many digital production pipelines, and a demo reel individual to each student's strengths and interests.
Visual Effects Animation MFA
The Visual Effects Animation graduate program at Digital Media Arts College specializes in high-concept, digital visual effects such as advanced 3d modeling and animation, video and audio editing, character animation, CG programming (MEL scripting), and motion capture with the facility's chroma key green wall. Maya's system of tools for simulating object behavior based on realistic physics computations are explored and animations of visual effects such as smoke, fire, and other particle systems are rendered.

Students in the Visual Effects Animation MFA program work towards their thesis production, reflecting their mastering of high-level animation techniques in form of contemporary 3D animation with a focus on visual effects.

The Visual Effects Animation MFA is a full 60 credit program normally taking students 4-5 semesters to complete and is subject to prerequisites in order to assist students to succeed academically.

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