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Rasmussen College Animation Bachelor Degree

The digital design and animation degree from Rasmussen College gives you the knowledge to produce everything from winning advertising to forensic animation, custom design work, commercial products, home design and virtual walk-through animations just about anything you can dream up. This design program will also give you real-world professional skills and a professional portfolio that will highlight your talents to potential employers. What's more, when your classes are completed, we'll provide you with career and placement services throughout your career.

Your digital design and animation program will not require you to go through the motions, but it will allow you to build a portfolio that emphasizes your creativity and strengths. You will leave Rasmussen College with examples you can hand to your employers and talk to them about all of your experiences within the realm of digital design. It will be just another credential you will have on your side when you are ready to begin a fulfilling career.

This online program in the digital design and animation offers you the flexibility and convenience of online learning. Learn more about how a blended Digital Design and Animation degree can enrich your overall education experience

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